Saturday, January 1, 2011

WELCOME 1-1-11


Me and DH tried to stay awake 'til midnight to welcome 2011! We don't celebrate New Year here as much as we do back home, so when the countdown's done, we went to sleep right away. In my (Philippines) family, we treat New Year similar to Thanksgiving, though we have our big feast at midnight of January 1st... Moreso, we attend the family reunion on my father side in the morning, then my mother side in the afternoon. Something that I know I'll miss for many years.
Beady-wise, what better way to start the year than beading? This necklace will be an "after christmas" gift for MIL - whom I love to pamper with my jewelries as she loves wearing them. It has two removable pendants which can be used individually or altogether. Focal on one pendant is a beaded bead while the other has a gold-tone filigree heart with brown & clear crystals. The said heart pendant has been sitting in my stash forever... so glad I finally able to put it into good use.
Hope you're all enjoying this momentous day!

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