Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got My Ring Mandrel

Been wanting to have a ring mandrel as I only have ring sizers. I'm sure this will come handy when making rings for others - no more guess-timate!
For my accomplishment of the day, here's another pair of simple earrings!
Take care all... stay warm and enjoy beading!


  1. I have the same mandrel.....I've yet to use it...
    I love the style of earrings....they'd make cute baubles for keychains too....just wish I could stitch with seed beads.....maybe one day I'll have the patience to learn....for now I'll just admire all your beauties Lody :)

  2. I love my new ring mandrel... when budget permits, I would love to have the steel mandrel too - for wireworking.
    You can definitely make the beaded beads too, they're easy to make.:)


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