Sunday, January 9, 2011

Birthday Goodies

SIL gave me a boxful of beady goodies, gift card from K-Mart/Sears, and jeans...
DH handed some of his gifts on my birthday but he hid a box really well as I didn't able to see it since yesterday, at the gathering. I had been giving him the hint that beady stash is always a good deal for me. LOL
MIL must have read my mind that I've wanted a portable drive. DH got me an external drive for christmas so I didn't include the portable in my bday list anymore. Anyway, I can see this drive going to places as it's a great travelling companion.
And here's my beady accomplishment for today! A simple bracelet with beaded beads as focals... more bracelets in the near future.
Stay warm all... enjoy beading as usual!

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