Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Wrap Bracelet

I recently purchased some Greek leather cord and had this big button laying around for quite some time waiting to be put into good use... so I ended up with a 16" wrap bracelet - which can be use as a necklace as well. More similar bracelets are in the execution process.
Today is domino day at SIL's house... with all the women in the family and a couple family friends - both women as well. Everybody was there by 11:30AM, wherein most brought food (potluck style, I brought an assortment of egg rolls plus the infamous Asian sweet chili sauce) so we had lunch first, chit-chat about quilts & whatever comes to mind, then played domino 'til 5:00 PM. It was another fun-filled day and I can't wait for our next gathering!
Keep warm and have a great evening all!


  1. Lody this is soooo pretty and I'm jealous...I've been trying to do a wrap like th is but keep messing up......frustration has gotten the best of me with make it look so easy.....

  2. Oh T! I'm sure you can do this wrap bracelet.:) I admire your patience on chainmaille, and this is super-easy-peasy compare to that! Up to now, I'm still lost at maile-ing!


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