Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

The weather has been nasty since this morning, and I don't think tomorrow would be better... me and DH managed to give MIL a visit this morning to give her books & a couple of country DVD movies but we had to leave early before the roads turn icy. In return, MIL gave us a big box of assorted snack goodies which was given to her.
Anyway, I wanna end my last 2010 post with a big thank you to all the wonderful people I run across this year - specially the BD peeps! It has been a year since I joined BD, and since then, you all inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. I can't thank you enough with your wirework help! I'm pretty sure I won't learn that technique if not with your encouragement. Thank you so much to all my marks all year round, on SSE's by Inca, Bracelet Swaps by Lois, Necklace Swaps by Lina, Challenge Swaps by Jeni, and various challenges by other members. I did enjoy them all and I look forward to doing them again next year - if I'll have time. And to all of you great ladies who are behind these books, THANK YOU SO MUCH for filling in some space in my beading bookshelves - you know who you are!
I wanna welcome 2011 with an open heart... that I'll be able to do the major goals I failed for 2010. Some of which are lose some weight, extra focus on embroidery, improve my teaching portfolio, finish as much models, learn wireweaving and metal stamping... and lastly, I will do my best to finish all my BJP pieces for 2011. I'm having second thought on what shape to use but I'm leaning towards odd-shapes with free-style designs.
From our humble home to yours... me and DH wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Entry For Margie And Me - The Finals

Thanks to Marcie for this year end color throwdown, I had fun creating this piece. It's my first time to join such and I can see myself joining more in the future. There are a lot of fabulous entries so don't forget to cast your vote - voting starts today and will end on January 2nd! My entry was based on "The Lady And The Unicorn" pallete.
Don't forget to check out the eye candies and vote for your fave at Marcie's blog. Happy beading everybody!

Christmas Gifts

It has been a family tradition with my in-laws to prepare a christmas gift list that we can share to everybody months before christmas. My list this year is mostly beading books as I don't have much of them - just started collecting more of them this year. I didn't expect to get all the stuffs I listed but oh boy, my in-laws plu DH pampered me. I just told DH the other day that I must have been really good this year coz Santa granted my wishes. So, to shorten my post, I'll try to focus on beady related stuffs!

This book (1000 Jewelry Inspirations) was not in my original list, but when we had a shopping spree in the city, we dropped by at Barnes & Nobles - I had to grab it so MIL included it in my gift list. As my way of thanks to her, I grabbed all the books she picked (plus a Yoga DVD) and I included them in her list.
These are the stamping tools I picked at HF, also from the same trip above. Though I knew I'll get these, my excitement never ceased. I've always wanted these since early this year but I knew christmas is the best time to have them.:) These are just some of her gifts to me. She also got me beading and embroidery magazines subscriptions, plus some $$$ for after christmas shopping. Thanks to MIL for granting my wishes!I've been enjoying some of SIL's gifts since October - 5 tickets for musical shows in the Civic Center (done watching 9 to 5 and Mary Poppins). She also got me a couple of jackets from Younkers (both brown - leather & curdoroy), a pair of jeans from Cold Water Creek, $50 ebay GC, and these books: The Art Of Beadwork by Valerie Hector, The Art Of Beaded Beads by Jean Campbell, The Art & Elegance Of Beadweaving by Carol Wilcox-Wells, Beading On Fabric by Jean Van-Horn, Zulu Inspired Beadwork and Shaped Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald. I've always wanted to have these books... and since my birthday is in the first week of January, I thought I won't have them 'til then. So imagine my surprise when I open the big box of books! Thanks to SIL for her generosity.
The Santa in my household let me open the box on the 24th... remember this post? Anyway, the content of the said box are as follows: nylon threads, beading wires, beads, and adress labels. DH always knows what I want. LOL One day, he went to Hobby Lobby without my knowledge and got me & MIL some GC from there. He must have hid the cards really well coz I didn't saw them 'til it was time to open presents. He also got me a bunch of antique & vintage jewelries, and a 1.5TB external hard drive that I picked myself on Black Friday.
The weather tomorrow will be super nasty so me & DH decided to dink around in town today. I lost count how many stores we went to... but we managed to grab some shirts on sale at JCPenney and when I saw these pair of earrings, I knew they're perfect for MIL - I had to grabbed them as well of course, moreso, they're on sale. I'm planning to put some beadworks with them to match my Margie And Me entry as they'll gonna be after christmas gifts.
I got a GC from Walmart so we had to dropped by there too - where I got some bronze findings (eyepins, headpins, earwires and toggles)... then DH found a couple of books on sale for MIL - another after christmas gifts.
We also dropped by at K-Mart where I got some hair accessories for my nieces & me, Hyvee where we got some bargain groceries & chocs for DH, Dollar Store where I got a great assortment of glass mosaics to be used as cabs... and our last destination was KFC - Can you tell we were worn out to cook? LOL And this metal puncher was waiting in the mailbox when we got home. It has been in my list for a while so i got it for myself. I gotta say that most of what I earn this year from my embroidery business went to purchasing jewelry making stuffs - so hopefully, I can justify the expenses next year by creating more jewelries!
Charity wise - I thought we missed sending our yearly donation to the (American-Indian) Lakota Tribe in South Dakota but DH said he did it last month, just forgot to mention. For some reason, I love this tribe... I feel like I have a connection with them. I didn't do as much charity works as MIL this year, but then she's the most giving person I know. On our way back from our shopping spree, SIL mentioned how she delivered a truck load of clothings and toys at a non-profit organization in the city and some girls "christmas wishes" were yarns and knitting needles. MIL immediately asked SIL how much she has to pack as she has boxes and boxes of yarn in the basement. SIL also shared that when they were opening the letters of kids from the NPO she's donating goodies (she's not working there, just trying to help out and grant kids wishes), some would request for socks only... and there she was expecting jeans, jackets, etc. It's just so heartbreaking to hear stories like that.

Anyway, it would be great if we could be a good samaritan once in a while... or better yet, all year round! It has always been my motto in life that "THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU RECEIVE". Giving doesn't have to be in kind... there could be homeless kids or old people nearby that you can help by doing some volunteer works.
As a breadwinner back home, I seldom (as in super seldom... LOL) get gifts in kind coz I'm the one buying gifts... not to mention, I have 30+ godchildren to buy gifts too. To me, it's more than enough to see them smile when they open their gifts - kids and olds have always a special spot in my heart. I always feel they are the ones who needs extra attention and needs pampering.

Have A Prosperous New Year All!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Four Sets Of Beaded Bead Earrings

More instant gratification projects - something that can be done while watching TV or a good movie. I wanna keep on making these earrings for my bridal line. Won't these be great for bridesmaids - or even the bride perhaps?

Enjoy beading all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Five Sets Of Beaded Bead Earrings

When you crave for instant gratification projects, what do you make? Earrings are and will always be my first choice.
Happy beading all!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

... and the winner is # 119

Congratulations SEllen for winning a one year magazine subscription of either Beadwork, Step-by-step Wire Jewelry or Stringing. I will contact you shortly for further details!
I hope everybody had a great christmas day, as much as me & my family had!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody

I hope everybody's spending quality time with family and friends. As for us, we'll have our family gathering at SIL's house at brunch. Our food theme this year is appetizer buffet and I'm in-charge on bacon-wrapped lil smokies.
Beady-wise, I'll gonna do the draw later where participants are from the BD swaps and challenges I joined this year. To-date, I have 283 entries in the jar! Winner will be announced tomorrow, so stay tuned!
From our humble home to yours... Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Bunch Of Simple Earrings

I made a bunch of super simple earrings earlier... mostly made of glass pearls. Can you see a bride or bridesmaids wearing these? I do have some delicate chains so am thinking of making matching necklaces as well.

Merry christmas everybody!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beading Daily 2010 KK Swap From Erin

I got my KK package from Erin today and within seconds DH handed it to me, I had to open it! LOL I just couldn't contain myself and wait 'til christmas to reveal the surprise... whenever I get a package, I always open it right away. Thank you so much for a great package Erin.
Erin (the bead looming guru) spoiled me with fabulous goodies... she didn't made me one, not 2... but 3 jewelry masterpieces. The surprise stash are all copper that coordinates really well, so I'm planning to use those for my personal jewelries. DH didn't get any good mail today - so when I showed him the big box of chocolate cookies, he couldn't hid the big smile on his face. We had to try them right away - as you can see in the photo. Anyway, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
The jewelries and the surprise stash
neatly packaged individually!
The necklace and 2 pairs of earrings!
Each piece comes with Erin's card!
Assortment of copper stash!
A big box of Belgian Chocolate Cookie Assortment!
These cookies gave DH a good day!
We had to try them right away... they're soooo yummy Erin!
If you haven't been to Erin's blog or website, hop on over now as she got lots of goodies to show you... as well as so many looming tips & tutorials on her blog. Thank you very much again for a wonderful swap Erin. Enjoy beading all!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Gift Earrings For SIL

Per colors requested by SIL. I'm still making some simple rings... will share photos of them later!
Still busy doing last minute gifts here... Happy Holidays all!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ebay Disappointments And Frustrations

I've been having so much frustrations with my ebay purchases lately, both from US & foreign sellers. First scenario, photos below is one of the packages that should contain beadcaps - as you can see, the package was damaged during transit... and came to me empty. But the good thing is, I told the seller about it and got my money back.

Second scenario... I purchased a book lot which includes "Beading With Peyote by Vicki Starr". After winning the auction, the seller (from US) told me he made a mistake and the said book won't be included. I was given the option to choose on his other books so that was ok... though I really wanted Vicki's book and was the main reason I placed a bid.

Third and worst scenario... I won 2 Bead Trends magazines & a (back issues) magazine lot from the same seller (US) - I paid for all the magazines at the same time, with a combined invoice. After 2 weeks, I recieved the package without the Bead Trends. I immediately contacted the seller to let her know about the situation... I didn't get an answer 'til after the 3rd ebay email when I mentioned I will report her to ebay Customer Service. She insisted that she mailed all the magazines in one package and that she got the delivery confirmation. I had to open a case through ebay but I didn't get my money back as ebay believed that all the magazines were delivered due to the delivery confirmation the seller provided - where in fact, the seller claimed the delivery confirmation is for both Bead TYrends & the other magazine lots, but obviously, she only mailed the magazine lot without the Bead Trends. I can't understand why people of those kind exist. Needless to say, I left the seller a negative feedback... which I really hate coz in my 6 years of using ebay, that was the first negative feedback I ever left.

Oh well...

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Typical Winter Day

DH went out deer hunting with his buddies last Friday, so I had to get the mail. I always throw a joke on him when I go to the mailbox during winter... to make sure look for me if I'm not back after 45 years. LOL
The driveway!
The road infront of our house!
The side lawn which I prefer to take... it is a long walk!
Keep warm all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Gift From Santa

I'm way behind in wrapping christmas presents this year... As I gather the gifts, I found a box from Santa - with my name in it - next to the unwrap gifts. LOL It happens every year but it always gives me the same excitement. Since yesterday, I had been teasing DH to tell me what's in the box... then this morning, he told me I'm worse than a kid when it comes to gift surprises - after I told him "I did a lot of shaking on that box last night." He let me open one of my gifts already so I'll restrict myself on this one and will wait 'til christmas.
I also made these yesterday, as part of MIL's jewelry gifts, though I'm having a second thought on the earrings as she wears hoop earrings more than dangles.
I found these left-over swarovski components while looking for some stash, so I decided to make them into simple earrings. One pair will be a part SIL's jewelry gifts.
I still have some gift wrapping to do so I better sign-off. I hope everybody's having a great Sunday!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cellini Bracelets

I'm sure glad I have some UFO segments like these! They're supposed to be for a necklace of my friend as birthday gift last July - but I ended up making her some beaded beads necklace & earrings set. Since the segments are almost 7" long, I thought they're be great as bracelets... my above-mentioned friend will get the one with silver toggle clasp... and I think I'll keep the one with gold-tone magnetic clasp. I'm loving this magnetic clasps and I can see myself making more jewelries with them.
One more week and it's christmas time already - yet, I still need to finish a lot of handicrafts! Keep warm and enjoy beading all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bracelets For MIL

Trying to make as much jewelries as I can for friends & family as christmas gifts! I need to make at least 6 more rings and 4 pairs of beaded bead earrings - plus som bracelets if I can still manage. I tend to accomplish more on the last minute... so hope I'll be productive in the next few days.
I plan to give these bracelets for MIL - but I still have other ideas for her, so I may change my mind at the last minute. I will definitely give her the copper one though.
DH and his buddies went back deer hunting today and they finally got 2 -they still need 4 deers though. So hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day for them as they only have until Sunday to fill all their tags.
Have a great beady weekend all! Keep warm!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Gift For A Dear Aunt

The embroidery part of this piece has been done months ago but I didn't finished it as a brooch - which can convert into a pendant necklace - 'til recently. The focal of this embroidered piece is an antique button that came from a dear aunt's stash, who's also the recipient of this christmas gift. I was sure glad that the finished piece fits perfectly on one of my ceramic trinkets. So, I decided to present it this way - now I hope I can find a good box where the trinket will fit.

Keep warm all - drink lots of cocoa & coffee, that's what I do! Happy beading!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rings And Earrings For SIL

We're suffering from a really nasty weather this weekend - as in super cold - but we survived SIL's birthday gathering yesterday.
Here are some of the earrings I made for her, some you might find familiar as I already posted them days ago. She asked for colors: silver, black, brown, red, maroon, and pink.
Garnet Rounds & Antique Gold Beaded Bead Earrings
Pink Pearl Caged With Netting Using Pink Delicas, Topped With Kunzite
Red & Turquoise Howlite Drops With Silver Filigree Cones
All The Earrings & Rings... more on christmas!!!
I was sure glad the rings fit as I had to guess-timate the sizes. I was hoping I could make her stretchy ones but my elastic threads won't work. Gotta find the right material soonest!

Happy beading all... and keep warm!