Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Matching Blue Lover Ring

Just another simple ring that matches the earrings on my previous post. As mentioned, this will be a gift.

Have you experienced recieving a mail without anything in it? For the first time, I did. Though the USPS put the original envelope in another envelope, the original mail is obviously empty as it was damaged. Look what happened to the envelope at the lower part area.

At the back of the USPS envelope, USPS explained that due to high volume of mail they handle everyday and though they handle everything with care, there are times that some mails get damaged. I never attempted to open the USPS envelope just in case I have to return the original mail to the sender.

Don't worry, bead happy! Keep warm all!

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  1. Beautiful ring!
    I lately ordered something and when I received the envelope it was ripped open. Everything except one item fell out. The seller got a refund from the mail service and sent me the missing items again.


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