Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

The weather has been nasty since this morning, and I don't think tomorrow would be better... me and DH managed to give MIL a visit this morning to give her books & a couple of country DVD movies but we had to leave early before the roads turn icy. In return, MIL gave us a big box of assorted snack goodies which was given to her.
Anyway, I wanna end my last 2010 post with a big thank you to all the wonderful people I run across this year - specially the BD peeps! It has been a year since I joined BD, and since then, you all inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. I can't thank you enough with your wirework help! I'm pretty sure I won't learn that technique if not with your encouragement. Thank you so much to all my marks all year round, on SSE's by Inca, Bracelet Swaps by Lois, Necklace Swaps by Lina, Challenge Swaps by Jeni, and various challenges by other members. I did enjoy them all and I look forward to doing them again next year - if I'll have time. And to all of you great ladies who are behind these books, THANK YOU SO MUCH for filling in some space in my beading bookshelves - you know who you are!
I wanna welcome 2011 with an open heart... that I'll be able to do the major goals I failed for 2010. Some of which are lose some weight, extra focus on embroidery, improve my teaching portfolio, finish as much models, learn wireweaving and metal stamping... and lastly, I will do my best to finish all my BJP pieces for 2011. I'm having second thought on what shape to use but I'm leaning towards odd-shapes with free-style designs.
From our humble home to yours... me and DH wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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