Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

I can't believe I'm another year older again today! Seems like it's just yesterday when I fixed my age on a certain number. LOL DH came home with a can of mocha cappuccino powder (I love to mix this with coffee) and this card - inside is an ebay GC as he knows there are so much goodies I wanna purchase from there. While having our breakfast, he told me that we'll have a lunch out on any restaurant I'll pick - but with the weather and all, I decided to just prepare lunch myself. LOL We'll gonna have my birthday party at SIL's house this weekend - with turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rools, pies, cake, ice cream, etc. Another tradition that my in-laws have for many years is, the birthday celebrant can choose all the food he/she wanna eat on his/her birthday... the celebrant won't prepare anything, other members of the family will. How cool is that?
And here's another pair of earrings as after christmas gift for SIL. I'm making some more and I'm planning to give them to her this weekend, along with my extra jewelry gifts for other members of the family... so I won't be the only one who'll gonna open presents.
Stay warm everybody... and happy beading!


  1. Happy Birthday to yooooo-uuuu!! Hope you had a good day! SIL will love those earrings.

  2. Thanks Cherie! I had a great beading day.:)


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