Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Day At The Spa

I had a long day today with SIL and MIL... Many thanks to Mom for the massage treat! By 7:30 AM, we're on our way to Des Moines already and got to Massage Heights before 9:00 AM. It was such a great treat and I'm literally sleepy afterwards. Everybody should have such experience once in a while - or better yet, on a regular basis. Here's the room assigned to me, took a few shots after the massage.
Beady-wise, here's another ring kinda similar in my previous post. This will be for SIL, but may not be able to give it to her 'til our next domino game.

Remember to pamper yourself once in a while - you deserve it, a rejuvenating massage is perfect. This was something I missed in the past when I was in the midst of a very busy and stressful job... the construction industry! Happy beading all!

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