Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nature's Delight

Just some random of photos... for some reason, this flower didn't bloom 'til fall though I planted them springtime.
Here's my last batch of fresh mustard greens this year.
MIL purchased 3 cows... this is a keeper!
Here are the other cows!

And lastly, we watched a Horse Show at the Fairgrounds - where competitors came all over the States and as far as Canada.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girls Day Outs

Part of our christmas gift this year from SIL are musical show tickets, and she decided to distribute the tickets early. To-date, we've watched 9 to 5 so far... next will be Mary Poppins on December 5th. Whenever we go in the city to watch a show, we make it a girls day out. We usually leave early, have our lunch on a nice restaurant and do some shopping when we have extra time - either before or after the show... or better yet, play domino at SIL's house. Now, that a REAL girls day out - coz no men in the family go join us. LOL
I look forward to Rock Of Ages as the songs are from the 80's.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love Alchemy...

... very much!!! I'm so addicted to that section of etsy that I try to check it at least twice a day. To-date I've won six bids, and below photos are some of them.
Here's my first alchemy request! A breast cancer awareness bracelet in one decade rosary-style. It's finally home in MT.
I made these ribbon medallions for an October 2010 bride from PA. They're so fun to do and though we agreed on a dozen pieces, I made her some extras as bonus. She promised me a photo of how she used them, but I'm sure she's busy on her honeymoon ATM.
A super simple illusion necklace in random purple beads. I had to make something similar for myself since it's so easy and fast to complete. Made its way to IL.
And here's the most recent... a simple cross stitched piece for a grammy. The request came from a mom who's 2 year old daughter loves to cook with grammy. My customer framed it herself and is part of a birthday gift for grammy. I'm glad this piece made it in time in OK.

Friday, October 22, 2010

SSE-18... For Roni... From Christina

SSE-18 is October 2010 round and my recipient partner is Roni, with challenge word "scary". Again, I didn't managed to take a photo of what I made for her so I hope she'll can take a pic and share it at the forum.
Christina is my sender partner for this round and she did so well with my challenge "fall colors". Thanks so much for the pretty earrings Christina! I so love them!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Swaps - 2010

First quarter for the birthday swap finally kicked-in for July-August-September celebrants. For this round, I used my dad's big day as I wanted to join the first round. The major requirement of this swap are: 1. Must make a handmade piece, 2. Must include at least $10 worth of goodies, 3. Must be a BD member - as active as possible.
Christina's mark was Tamara and here are the goodies she sent her - a wirework necklace and assortment of surprises!
My mark was Christina and here are her goodies - an embroidered pendant (necklace) and what nots!
Tamara got me as her mark and she made me a lovely necklace which I already wore a few times. The stash are of course fabulous as well. Many thanks again Tamara! The chocolate was eaten right away, didn't even make it to the photo shoot.

Not much people signed-up for the following round (aside from Jeni) so the next birthday swap will be for January-February-March 2011 celebrants (including Jeni). Gotta be an active member of BD to participate, due date for signing up is getting closer.