Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ebay Disappointments And Frustrations

I've been having so much frustrations with my ebay purchases lately, both from US & foreign sellers. First scenario, photos below is one of the packages that should contain beadcaps - as you can see, the package was damaged during transit... and came to me empty. But the good thing is, I told the seller about it and got my money back.

Second scenario... I purchased a book lot which includes "Beading With Peyote by Vicki Starr". After winning the auction, the seller (from US) told me he made a mistake and the said book won't be included. I was given the option to choose on his other books so that was ok... though I really wanted Vicki's book and was the main reason I placed a bid.

Third and worst scenario... I won 2 Bead Trends magazines & a (back issues) magazine lot from the same seller (US) - I paid for all the magazines at the same time, with a combined invoice. After 2 weeks, I recieved the package without the Bead Trends. I immediately contacted the seller to let her know about the situation... I didn't get an answer 'til after the 3rd ebay email when I mentioned I will report her to ebay Customer Service. She insisted that she mailed all the magazines in one package and that she got the delivery confirmation. I had to open a case through ebay but I didn't get my money back as ebay believed that all the magazines were delivered due to the delivery confirmation the seller provided - where in fact, the seller claimed the delivery confirmation is for both Bead TYrends & the other magazine lots, but obviously, she only mailed the magazine lot without the Bead Trends. I can't understand why people of those kind exist. Needless to say, I left the seller a negative feedback... which I really hate coz in my 6 years of using ebay, that was the first negative feedback I ever left.

Oh well...

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