Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Gift From Santa

I'm way behind in wrapping christmas presents this year... As I gather the gifts, I found a box from Santa - with my name in it - next to the unwrap gifts. LOL It happens every year but it always gives me the same excitement. Since yesterday, I had been teasing DH to tell me what's in the box... then this morning, he told me I'm worse than a kid when it comes to gift surprises - after I told him "I did a lot of shaking on that box last night." He let me open one of my gifts already so I'll restrict myself on this one and will wait 'til christmas.
I also made these yesterday, as part of MIL's jewelry gifts, though I'm having a second thought on the earrings as she wears hoop earrings more than dangles.
I found these left-over swarovski components while looking for some stash, so I decided to make them into simple earrings. One pair will be a part SIL's jewelry gifts.
I still have some gift wrapping to do so I better sign-off. I hope everybody's having a great Sunday!

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