Monday, June 14, 2010

Netted Bangle

I've been busy exploring "Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher", thanks to SEllen! It has been my companion in the last 2 days, a great resource book!
Here's a bracelet inspired by a netted project from the book. Since I'm still indulging myself with beaded beads, I decided to incorporate some on this piece. This bracelet was supposed to have a toggle clasp but I wasn't satisfied with the look so I inserted a copper wire on the rope and decided to finish it as a bangle. I had to add another set of beaded beads at the ends to hide the wire loop inside them. I'm pretty satisfied with the result and now working on another bangle, but the piece will be overlapped for extra security when worn.

Me and MIL did some volunteer works at a retirement home this past weekend and had a great time helping out. I wonder how many people do things like that... it is fulfilling! I wish I can do more volunteer works, specially mentoring kids or teenagers alike!
Have fun beading all!

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  1. Great picture of your bead work thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog.


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