Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beads, Books, Etc.

Did I mentioned before that I traded (which I enjoyed tremendously) 6 of Linda's quilts for my bead stash? Well, I did... and as you all know by now, I love handcrafted stuffs particularly beaded, fabrics and embroidery. Anyway, I had to re-stock as most of my beads were gone after the trades. Here are some of what I purchased online last month and to-date:
Sizes: 5x8mm, 6x8mm, 4x6mm
Sizes: 8mm, 6mm, 4mm
And here are some of the beads (the ones with tags only) I got from Hobby Lobby last time we went there. The cat's eye and abacus rondelles were from other source.
Walmart just started carrying copper findings recently, at least in our area. So I had to grab some last week to give their product a test!
I can't afford the sterling silver or gold-filled noodle beads so I have to settle with plated for now. I'm enjoying these beads to the max! I love how the necklaces turn out with them, though I've never tried the gold-plated ones yet. I have them in both sizes, 2mm and 1.5mm diameters while the lengths are all 25mm.I did some ebay book shopping weeks ago and here are some of what I got... aside from Mastering Beadwork and Creative Bead Weaving which came from SEllen and Lois respectively. Thanks so much ladies!
Went to MIL's this afternoon and she gave me some fabric remnants and DMC perle cotton threads from her stash. Fabbies are mostly fat quarters, which are perfect for my needs, i.e. backing for bead embroidery pendants. As for the threads, I'll use them for sure on my counted thread embroidery projects, particularly hardanger... and bead embellishing works on quilts.
I won't be able to do some stashing for a while due to some issues, but I'm sure glad I managed to re-stock. Happy beading all!

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