Thursday, June 10, 2010

BOTM Challenge: June 2010 Block

Here's my 2"x2" block for this month's Block-Of-The-Month Challenge. I gathered the materials the other night and managed to embroider the center part, then completed the block yesterday. The bail is made of peyote which I then stabilized with a curved metal tube bead for extra strength. The PC rose was part of the surprise beads Linda sent me along with the quilt trade. More of those beads will come to life very soon as they're too pretty to just let them sit around. The purple mini-flowers were from BD's Spring Challenge Swap, while I got the seed beads from my last trip from the Philippines.
I was hoping I'll make a spiral rope for the chain but since I received my noodle beads yesterday, I just used them instead. So here's the finished necklace!

As requested, here's a full view of the entire piece! The rounds next to the peyote bail are 7mm freshwater pearls, while the rest are chinese crystal (4x6mm and 6x8mm) rondelles in amethyst and mahogany shades. The inner chain is 2 inches shorter than the outer chain.
And here's a glimpse of the prep work! Though obviously, I changed my mind on the color theme.
If you wanna partake on this BLOCK-OF-THE-MONTH Challenge, don't forget to send me a photo so we can showcase them all.
Don't worry, bead happy y'all!

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