Friday, June 4, 2010

More Colour Challenge Pieces And Some Donations

19I was about to make a bracelet and a pair of earrings for the other 2 color combo by Tamara's Colour Challenge but I ended up with 2 pairs of earrings. I gotta admit I struggled combining green/orange/hot pink (CC2) and yellow/blue/hot pink (CC3) combos, though I enjoy the finish products. CC2 is made of beaded bead usng 4mm kunzite stones and emerald czech seed beads, I then finish of the earwires with orange beads. CC3 is made of peyote tube (in hot pink and yellow czech seed beads) suspended on brass chain & jump rings, and 8mm rounds aquamarine agate. I didn't realized they look like swings until Tamara mentioned it. Thanks for a great challenge Tamara!

When I read Billy's post about his cousin's accident, and their plan to have a silent auction plus Poker Biker Chic event, I knew I had to participate. So I whipped up some simple things as donations - a necklace and earrings set (made of tube beads, chinese crystals and metal beads) plus 3 pairs of earrings. Ready for mailing today... Hope the silent auction will be a success!

Don't worry, bead happy!

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  1. love these earrings, I will admit I didn't try the other two colour combos for that reason, challenging for me too......but your's turned out great. I also love the pieces you made for Billy....very pretty Lody....


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