Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keys, Fibers And Necklaces

I played with some of my keys & fibers... as well as dangles & beaded beads I made a while back and they ended up as pendants in my simple necklaces. I needed some instant gratification pieces but I excused myself from earrings this time!

For instant gratification, what piece do you usually make? Often than not, it's earrings for me. Enjoy crafting everybody!

Edited: These beauties found a new home already!


  1. These are very pretty Lody, I love how you jazzed up the keys

  2. Thanks T!:) I enjoy adding a lil bling on them.:)

  3. Lody are you going to be listing these anywhere or are they not for sale?
    I would be interested, I think my daughter's would love them!

  4. Cat, these are not listed anywhere... you can take them all for your girls if you want!.:) I can add beaded keys (similar to the first 2 photos) on the last 2 necklaces if you want. Would love to trade them all with beads.:)


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