Monday, March 7, 2011

Cyber Monday: Necklaces And A Pendant

Remember the beady gifts I got last christmas? Well, I finally started to use them - pendant on the first necklace was from SIL. I partnered it with volcano cherry quartz, (dyed) lapis and brass chain.
A simple beaded bead in between pressed czech leaves hangs on a delicate chain.
I recieved 2 of these buttons from an aunt, and I already used the other one on the brooch/pendant I gave her last christmas. I love the fact that they're true antique, not to mention metal - so am keeping this for myself.
Happy beading all!


  1. oh wow Lody, you've been busy and makes me think of all the things I need to be working on....but its more fun checking out what you've been up to :)

  2. LOL I just try to T.:) I have so much to work on still. Thanks heaps for dropping by.:)


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