Monday, March 14, 2011

Cyber Monday: Oodles Of Simple Pieces

I purchased 5 meters of 2mm greek leather cord a while back and I've been using it in my wrap-around bracelets lately. I need to purchase more as I'm running out of it. Here's a triple wrap-around which is ideal for smaller wrist as I cut the cord a lil short. I miscalculate on the knot allowance - moreso, the piece ended up with one loop only.
I wish I made this one at least double wrap since I have enough jasper for it. I got carried away in cutting my cord for a single wrap.
I've been making pendant assortment for my commissioned Red Hat Society necklace, here's one of them. My plan was to add some fringe but I find the pendant quite big already.
I'm currently overflowing with single beaded beads so I'm trying to use as much of them in simple pieces.
Here's my take on our rainy days lately - The Falling Rain.
I have completed more simple pieces but I'll just share those later. Have fun beading all!


  1. Oh I love that Falling Rain necklace! Gorgeous!

    I need to try again making those leather bracelets, I just can't get it for some reason.

  2. Wrap-arounds are kinda addicting to make Cat! Once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll gonna make a lot. I finally run out of black cord so am using brown.:)

  3. Wow, awesome jewelries.You wanna done a great work.I love all works and that too the pendant and falling rain set.wonderful work of art.


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