Saturday, March 12, 2011

Been Dangling

I have a bunch of left over beads from last year's Challenge Swap (Spring: Yellow & Purple) organized by Jeni so I kept myself busy with them recently. And what better way to use odds & ends beads other than danglers? Can you tell I had fun making these? I have more than what shown here... most probably, pairs will be finished as earrings while singles will be a part of pendant clusters.And here are some of the beaded beads I made a while back - I have more of them to be posted on Monday, along with some wrap-around bracelets I made few days back. I made a few doubles as earrings but I think the ones below will end up as pendants.
I mailed my ring for Vicki yesterday [for the ring swap I organized at BD] so I hope it will get to her soonest. Enjoy beading all!


  1. Great use for those leftover beads!

    I have mine in a vase on my bead table. When I need something a little different than what's in my regular stash, I go browsing in my big vase of bead soup!

  2. Yay I bet that big vase of bead soup looks yummy. LOL I started filling a (transparent) cookie jar last December with "practiced" danglers though most are made of red beads.:)


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