Saturday, April 3, 2010

Simple Wireworks

Finally got into the groove of wireworking! Here's the bracelet I made last night using milk glass flower beads and coiled wire (silver, guage 20) as spacers, with toggle clasp closure. Far from perfect but I love how it turned out.
Insomia attacked last night so I dig into my stash and worked on this swan set. It's made of crystals, glass beads and antique brass chain, being swans as the focal points. The matching dangling earrings are 2.25" and 3" (tip to tip) lengths. I've been thinking of making these set and am sure glad I gave it a go last night. It's so easy and fast to do. I wasn't still sleepy when I get it done, around 3AM. LOL
And finally, more dangling earrings made of crystals, seed beads, pearls and head pins with lever backs. Lately, whenever I need an instant gratification project, I make earrings! I think I already have almost 100 pairs of earrings made since January 2010... Watch out as I'm going to sell (almost) all of them to benefit the needy kids back home.

I'm a (very) novice wireworker so tips and hints would be highly appreciated. I can see myself doing it often in the near future. Leave a comment as I love reading them.

Have a great beading weekend all!


  1. Hi Lody, just realized on BD that you have two blogs, so I dropped by and say hello. Don't know which blog I like better, the stitching or the beadworking one. :-)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Dagi! I had the other blog for years but since I'm doing lots of jewelries lately, thought I better separate the beadworks from embroidery.:)


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