Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Version Of Circle Of Tree And A Sketch Of A New Project

Whenever I make something that I like, and intended as a gift, I ended up making a second piece. Though I made some changes on this "Circle of Tree" necklace so it won't be exactly the same as the one I made for my friend.

If only I can finish a jewelry as fast as I sketch, I could have had thousands of pieces made. This necklace and earrings set is supposed to be the project I'll gonna do today but DH doesn't like the assymetrical effect. I'm still undecided what beads and gemstone to use for it so I gave it a rest... I have other sketches and projects to choose from anyway. Sorry for the poor drawing, I don't draw well... that's why I can't wait to have a jewelry design software. At the moment, I use my Pattern Maker Pro for flat stitches like peyote, brick, etc.

I love having a notebook and pencil nearby so I can easily sketch the idea that pops in... I wonder if you do the same. I think it's also a great way to keep track of our inspirations when designing. I do have lots of "poor" sketches like this but I love the fact that I can look through them when I need an extra boost.
How about you, do you have a sketch pad?

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  1. Oh my gosh! TOTALLY go for the asymmetry. My BF doesn't like asymmetry either and has attempted to rearrange my beads when I have them laid out on my mat. I think the sketch is lovely!


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