Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surprises! Surprises!

It looks like 2011 is my lucky year for give-away winnings! Last month, I won beading stash from Sweden (don't forget to check out her blog as she's having another give-away)... and this month, a yummy coffee from a fellow EtsyNEAT member who had a "The Land Of A Thousand Hills" coffee give-away on her blog. I got the coffee in the mail today and couldn't wait 'til morning to try it - now enjoying a cuppa as I write this post. Thanks so much to Gwyn & Ava for your generosity.

And this goodies came as a total surprise from my dear friend Jodi of WI. She's one of those people who loves sending surprises and I'm such a lucky recipient of her generosity! These are soe of the goodies she sent me recently - she also gave me a GC from her fave etsy shop, which I used right away and now waiting for the stash! Thank you so much for your sweet gestures and making my day Jodi!
A sterling silver & freshwater pearls necklace
that became a fave instantly!
Have a great night all!

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