Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February 2011 BJP

I decided to prioritize my "Bead Journal Project" this month and won't start a new project 'til it's done. Finally finished it this afternoon, so here it is! ... What do y'all think?
It didn't occur to me that I miss stitching sequins flower since I started my BJP pieces - so it looks like that's the bottom line of my blocks, I'll put sequins flowers in all of them (perhaps). It has been almost 2 decades ago since I made a lot of these - at my aunt's dress shop in Manila, where me & my cousins do the beadworks on wedding gowns, etc.
Happy beading all!


  1. love it. my neice is in dunedin as a 1st year med student. she loved it there last year.
    i am still struggling with my embroidery committments but have one finsihed and another on the way.
    diane, Stratford

  2. I am always attracted to designs that are in horizontal thirds and this is no exception. Very beautiful colors and striking design. You are a fast beader! I'm curious if you see a "story" or meaning in it?

    Robin A.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Diane & Robin!

    Robin, I made my life easier with my blocks since it's my first tme with BJP. All my beading foundations are fabrics with stabilizer. Every month, I simply pick one of the blocks (posted on my January piece) and let the design in the fabric take a life of its own - by covering it with beads in similar color.

  4. Lody, I'm a sucker for sequins too :-)

  5. I'm on a hunt of more sequins now Cyndi. LOL

    Thanks Robbie!:)

  6. So pretty, I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into a piece.

  7. Thanks Dyche - usually do my embroidery while watching TV.:)


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