Saturday, November 27, 2010

SSE-19... From Shawna... To Vicki

Shawna was my mark and she sent me these pretty earrings with porcelain tube beads. I love them Shawna! Thanks so much!!!

I didn't hear from my mark yet if she got her earrings... will update this post once I heard from her.

My Kris Kringle package was mailed last week and now keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive in its destination safely.

Happy beading all!

Edited: 11/29/10

I got the notification today that Viciki recieved her earrings. Her challenge word was "celebration" which was inspired by her Dad. When I hear or read celebration, Christmas and 4th of July comes to mind... as well as bright colors. Since christmas is closer, I decided to focus on the colors of christmas. Hence the result are pictured below.

And I made these the same time I made Vicki's earrings...

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