Thursday, July 8, 2010

Foundations For Bead Embroidery

My camera simply produces blank or blank photos last week so I thought it's damaged... not to mention I'm pissed off about it as I don't have any budget for a new camera! LOL

Lo and behold, tonight it worked! The timing is just perfect as I've been busy beading like a madwoman these last few days. I made a bunch of beaded beads and 7 bead embroidered pendants, 4 of which are in my previous post!

Anyway, the entire afternoon yesterday and 'til noon today, I simply made foundations for my bead embroidery pendants in assorted diameters. I also cut some square fabrics for my block-of-the-month challenge but they don't have stabilizer yet. It takes more time for me to prepare the square pendants thatn the round ones. I don't glue fabrics on my stabilizer, I prefer to sew by hand.

I'll be gone again in the next few days but my fingers will be busy, that's for sure! Happy beading!

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  1. Hi, thank you for the ideas. Is it possible that you provide some tips on how to prepare the foundation for the bead embroidery. I glue mine on currently because I am not a very good at sewing. Thank you, blessings.


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