Friday, January 1, 2010

Bulaklak... Kay Ganda Ng Bulaklak

Bulaklak is a Tagalog (Filipino) term for flower. To make flower plural, simply add "mga" (read as ma-nga) before bulaklak... flowers = mga bulaklak
Set: Necklace and Earrings
Materials: Glass Pearls, Crystals and Seed Beads
Techniques: Bead Stitching (Beaded Beads)
and Russian Snake

Welcoming 2010 with a couple of flower-themed jewelry sets. Can you tell I enjoyed making these sets? After finishing the gold set (truer color is the photo on top), I knew I had to make another version, and what could be better than mauve (antique pink to me)?

With all the beads I got from my trip last year, and christmas gifts from DH & in-laws, I can see myself doing a lot beading in the months ahead. I'll try to learn more techniques, that's for sure!

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