Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Beadworks Journey...

... began almost 2 decades ago. Though during those early years, my hands were busy on bead embroidery. It wasn't until 8 years ago that I made jewelries... and now I can't stop!
I have another blog which is mostly about my counted thread embroidery works and what nots. But since I joined few beading groups this year, I thought I'll start a new blog for my jewelries alone... as if I need a new blog really! LOL

These necklaces were my first batch of encrusted pendants this year. I made them back on January, size ranges from 2" (wide) to 4" (height). The focal point of each pendant is a recycle piece, either button or chunky retro earring from SIL. I inherited a big glass jar full or old buttons from DH's grammy, some are really neat and I love them to pieces. Then a few years back, SIL did some cleaning and gave me a bag full of her jewelries from the 80's.
Pearly Shell, my favorite piece! I love it's simplicity. I had to make a small version for daily use or when I go in town. The cabochons on both pieces are heart-shape Mother-of-Pearl buttons. The big piece was one of my entries at this year's State Fair and went home with a ribbon!
The cab for this piece is one of the retro earrings from SIL, an enamelled metal in cream and black. The chain is made of magnetic hematite beads and bicone crystals.
The cabochon I used is a red button with gold accent. This is the smallest pendant among the first 4 pieces I made.
And lastly, this is the first encrusted pendant I made. The focal point is a 2" green button from grammy's jar. I sew on a pewter dragonfly on the center to cover the holes of the button. I was thinking of "nature" while doing this piece. This is DH's favorite so I decided to enter it at this year's State Fair too... and it went home with a ribbon!
I have a lot more to share but they're mostly stringing pieces, and were done few years back. Have a great beading time everybody!

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