Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Jewelry Sets Made This Year

I (think I) finished all these sets on last week of February and April 2009. I really enjoyed using peyote stitch then... up to now actually.
Can you tell I love this color combination? I named this set "Simply Gold" as the dominant color in it is gold. I used silver lined gold seed beads on beaded beads or peyote tube. The set is composed of necklace with encrusted pendant, bracelet, loop earrings and thumb ring.
I'm an EGA member and last April, the chapter I'm a member of hosted the Heartland Seminar. Members had the chance to display maximum 3 of their works to be displayed during the entire 4 days seminar. I submitted 2 counted thread embroidery pieces and "Simply Gold" jewellery set (minus the ring). Here it is on display at the gallery room at Marriot Hotel in Cedar Rapids.I made extra bracelets, 2 of which were given as gifts while I kept one for myself. MIL has a quilting friend who doesn't have a daughter and happened to be visiting on Mother's Day so I gave her one of the bracelets. Needless to say she's tickled to death as she never recieved a handmade jewelry before, not to mention on Mother's Day. I was so glad I had an extra piece on that time... I can still imagine how happy she was when I handed it to her.
And this set is part of Mother's Day gift this year to MIL. I love making jewelries for her coz she loves wearing them. Though I can't tell if she wore this set yet! LOL
I made a silver version of the above and gave the set to our aunt, MIL's sister. She's so dear to me and I love making handmade items for her. I usually give her small stitched pieces as she displays them, and she's also a collector of smalls items that catch her interest.
A "Spring Fling" set for me. The chain is just simple stringing so I made the pendant using peyote stitch with delica beads, while the center is a metal rose with swarovski stone at the center. I love how it turned out though I wish I could make it better.
Most of the following bracelets were given as gifts for a dear friend and her mother, while some were for me. They're both lovely people and had pampered me in other way.

I'll keep on digging photos of my previous works so keep on coming back. However, I'm terribly sorry for the crappy photos... I don't have a decent camera to take close up photos of sparkly pieces... not to mention at times I can't spend so much time taking quality photos. I'd rather stitch!

Hope everybody's having a great beading time!

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