Monday, April 4, 2011

Leather Wrap Bracelets For Family

It was our domino day yesterday and we played at SIL's house - from 12:30PM to early evening. It was a fun day as usual, not to mention lots of food. MIL made a pound cake - so yummy as she used fresh eggs... SIL prepared fresh fruits - strawberries and pineapple... I brought assorted chocolate cookies... others brought summer sausage, cheese, and girl scout cookies! In between games, we had coffee too - perfect with all those sweets. LOL

Our aunt who custom ordered a "Red Hat Society" theme necklace was there and below is the piece she picked-out.

I was wearing one of my leather wrap bracelets and MIL & SIL loves it so I'm making some for them. SIL prefers black and brown, while MIL wants turquoise.



And though I love this piece, I think I better add this in my shop as I have way too much wrap bracelets already. This piece is extra long, about 26" - it's quadruple wrap for a 6" wrist or triple wrap for an 8"-8.5" wrist.

I will make more of these wraps once I get smaller stones.:) Enjoy beading all!


  1. Wow, fabulous necklace and bracelets.I love it especially those bracelets are mind blowing.wonderful work.Well done.

  2. Thanks ladies! I don't think it showed well in the photo, but the focal is a red hat button.

  3. I love these! Your wrap bracelets look so much better than mine!
    And of course, the emboridered necklace is absolutely stunning!


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