Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cows And Chickens Of MIL

We were at MIL's yesterday afternoon and I managed to take a few shots of her chickens and cows. She had 50+ chickens orginally but I think they're just 40+ now as some of the baby chicks didn't make it plus coons got some of them. She get so much eggs everyday... needless to say, we've been having fresh farms eggs for months.

DH started to pick up some empty shells this week and he got me 7 pieces so far. Hopefully, the cold weather will be over soon so I can start picking them up myself! Planning to add daggers or bicones with these.

Beady-wise, here's a simple pair of earrings with howlite turquoise, hematite & repurposed faceted glass beads.
Enjoy your weekend all!


  1. oooooohhhh can't wait to see what you do with the casings.....I have a bag sitting here waiting to be drilled.....and love those earrings

  2. Can't wait to start playing with them too T! I mentioned my plan to MIL and she advised me that by soaking these empty bullets with ketchup, they will shine! I haven't tried cleaning them yet but will do it soon... gotta pick-up more in the lawn first. LOL

  3. ketchup you say....hhmmmmm.....I don't really clean mine, just wipe them off....I like the 'used' look for the few items I've made with the brass ones.....but going to give the ketchup idea a whirl....glad I peeked back here :)

  4. Great! I would love to see the before and after photos of your bullets after being soaked with ketchup.:)

    I tried to look for more bullet shells earlier but I couldn't find any. I think I'll just leave that bullet hunting to DH. LOL


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