Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love Alchemy...

... very much!!! I'm so addicted to that section of etsy that I try to check it at least twice a day. To-date I've won six bids, and below photos are some of them.
Here's my first alchemy request! A breast cancer awareness bracelet in one decade rosary-style. It's finally home in MT.
I made these ribbon medallions for an October 2010 bride from PA. They're so fun to do and though we agreed on a dozen pieces, I made her some extras as bonus. She promised me a photo of how she used them, but I'm sure she's busy on her honeymoon ATM.
A super simple illusion necklace in random purple beads. I had to make something similar for myself since it's so easy and fast to complete. Made its way to IL.
And here's the most recent... a simple cross stitched piece for a grammy. The request came from a mom who's 2 year old daughter loves to cook with grammy. My customer framed it herself and is part of a birthday gift for grammy. I'm glad this piece made it in time in OK.

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