Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Swaps - 2010

First quarter for the birthday swap finally kicked-in for July-August-September celebrants. For this round, I used my dad's big day as I wanted to join the first round. The major requirement of this swap are: 1. Must make a handmade piece, 2. Must include at least $10 worth of goodies, 3. Must be a BD member - as active as possible.
Christina's mark was Tamara and here are the goodies she sent her - a wirework necklace and assortment of surprises!
My mark was Christina and here are her goodies - an embroidered pendant (necklace) and what nots!
Tamara got me as her mark and she made me a lovely necklace which I already wore a few times. The stash are of course fabulous as well. Many thanks again Tamara! The chocolate was eaten right away, didn't even make it to the photo shoot.

Not much people signed-up for the following round (aside from Jeni) so the next birthday swap will be for January-February-March 2011 celebrants (including Jeni). Gotta be an active member of BD to participate, due date for signing up is getting closer.

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